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3 mm LED

Broad variety of products for a wide range of applications



Infrared LEDs and Near-Infrared LEDs Photodiodes
Visible LEDs Phototransistors
Multi-wavelength LEDs CCD (Current Confined Device)
SMD (Surface Mount Device)  
Bare chips Product Chart

Product Line-up includes

-      High power IR LED
-      High power and high speed NIR LED  
         870nm, 850nm  
-    Ultra-bright visible LED lamps 
         660nm, 620nm, 590nm, 565nm  
-      Various types and packages of LED  
            3mm, 5mm LED with ceramic and metal stems  
            3mm, 5mm, 5.2mm, 5.6mm and 10mm LED of mold type  
               on lead frame 
            metal can
            flat lens for fibre optics - 05 type LED 
            PD self-monitoring
-      Chip On Board (COB) custom modules
          LED modules and arrays
          LED modules with PD self-monitoring
-     Photodiodes: molds, modules and arrays
-      Phototransistors: molds, modules and arrays


Infrared and Near-Infrared LED   

Below is a selection of standard products. If you cannot find a device satisfying your needs please send your inquiry because custom specifications can also be produced

MOLD Type 

STEM Type 

Overview of standard STEM type IR LEDs in the range of 680-970nm in various types of packaging is available here


Visible LED   

Below is a list of standard products. If you cannot find a device satisfying your needs please send your inquiry because custom specifications can also be produced


Surface Mount Device (SMD)

SM package is available for the whole range of wavelengths: 430-1450 nm. Selected device data are given below

SMP430 (plastic with reflector) Blue
SMP565 (plastic with reflector) Green
SMP660 (plastic with reflector) Red 
SMP850N (plastic with reflector) Infrared
SMC850N (ceramic) Infrared
SMC870N (ceramic) Infrared
SMC890 (ceramic) Infrared
SMP940 (plastic with reflector) Infrared

Surface Mount Device (SMD) in plastic package

New type of SMD in plastic package was started semi-production instead of ceramic package. This technology can be applied to any LED die, PD die and PTr die

- reducing production cost of renewal assembling in plastic package
- high reliability
- applicable to every semiconductor chip


Current Confined Device (CCD)

CCD chip process was renewed successfully last year. This has brought Epitex many merits of improving quality, reducing production cost and application to every LED emitting wavelength of more than 660nm to Near IR range

- high resolution photointerruptor
- fiber optics
- various kind of physical measurements

An illustrative example is given below

LN850-CET52  Center emitted LED with ball lens


Multi-wavelength LEDs

Bi-color LEDs

Two LED dies are mounted on lead frame and covered with clear epoxy resin
5mm, and 5.6mm dia. LEDs of mold type

Multi-color LED  

Any LED die can be mounted on TO-18 (5 pins) or TO-5 (8 pins) covered with clear epoxy resin or hermetically sealed with flat can or lens can

L430/565/630/760 Q 4-wavelength LED
L430/565/660/735 Q 4-wavelength 
L565/635/760-PD006-3CB00 3-wavelength, PCB, PD monitored
L569/660/805/940/975-35Q96 5-wavelength, TO-5 stem, flat glass can
L660/805/975 D 3-wavelength, TO-18 stem, epoxy lens
L660/805/1200/1300-35B32 4-wavelength, TO-18 stem, glass lens
L735/810/850/910 Q 4-wavelength


20-element LED array  

- AR880-20 IRED chip  specification

- LED structure: N-AlGaAs Epi on P-GaAs Epi on P-type GaAs substrate (anode common type)

- Peak emission wavelength: 880nm (typ.) at 100 mA

- Output power: 2.0mW(typ.) at 20mA

- Dice cut in the orientation as shown in Outline drawing  


Bare chips  

Bare LED chip in a number of wavelengths in the 680-1550nm range can be offered. Die shall be mounted on TO-18 gold header without resin coated.

Type Material Chip Size Top Side Peak Wavelength(nm) Total radiated power(mW)
C660-30V GaAlAs/GaAlAs 300μ P(Anode) 660 2.5
C680-40P GaAlAs/GaAlAs 400μ N(Cathode) 680 2.0
C735-40P GaAlAs/GaAlAs 400μ N(Cathode) 735 3.5
C770-40P GaAlAs/GaAlAs 400μ N(Cathode) 770 3.5
C810-40P GaAlAs/GaAlAs 400μ N(Cathode) 810 4.0
CN850-40P GaAlAs/GaAlAs 400μ P(Anode) 850 5.0
CN870-40P GaAlAs/GaAlAs 400μ P(Anode) 870 5.0
C940-40P GaAlAs/GaAs 400μ P(Anode) 940 3.5
C1200-35 InGaAsP/InP 350μ P(Anode) 1200 0.1
C1300-35 InGaAsP/InP 350μ P(Anode) 1300 0.1
C1450-35 InGaAsP/InP 350μ P(Anode) 1450 0.1
C1550-35 InGaAsP/InP 350μ P(Anode) 1550 0.1




MOLD type PIN Photodiode is mounted on lead frame and covered with clear epoxy resin

STEM type PIN Photodiode is mounted on stem and covered with clear epoxy resin or hermetically sealed with lens can:

PD1300-35xxx 900-1600nm response range peaking at 1300nm 
PD1900-35xxx 1000-2100nm response range peaking at 1900nm 

SMD type in plastic package




Surface mount phototransistor


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