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Vehicle Information Communication Systems / Intelligent Transport Systems (VICS/ITS)

High-speed IR LEDs of 840nm such as L840-01KS-B and L840-04KS-B, are widely used in Japan for real time communication between light pole beacons and cars. They were developed  in collaboration with KOITO INDUSTRIES LTD. Epitex is a major supplier for this application in Japan. Such IR communications have numerous advantages over FM radio and microwaves.

-  High power of more than 17mW at IF= 50mA
-  Long life of more than 15 years(10^5 hours) when used in the
actual field. Degradation data is available
-  L840-01KS-B with a half viewing angle of 10 degrees is focused around at the center of light spot and L840-04KS-B with a half viewing angle of 20 degrees is focused on the fringe of light spot. Both of them are set up together.  

Specs are available on request


Electronic Toll Collection / Intelligent Transport System (ETC/ITS)

ETC reduces traffic congestion before a highway toll gate. Toll is charged through mm-wave of 8.5GHz. I addition, light source of high power 850nm LED made by Epitex is used to covertly photograph a license plate for identification. 

Infrared cameras and Illumination

LED Illuminator for Image Analysis
Image Analysis system contains a LED illuminator and its power source, camera and monitoring TV or printer. A range of wavelength is covered widely from 430nm to Near-Infrared 1.45um depending on the particular image analysis system. 
CCD camera Illumination
CCD camera disguised as a lamp is used to prevent crime. Our experience so far has shown that the L810 series is the best to fit to CCD camera from the view point of the sensitivity. However, such a camera is easily noticeable, therefore, emission wavelength of LED is preferably shifted to near 940nm. 

Optical Data Communications

lrDA and other systems  
lrDA (Infrared Data Association) is a worldwide organization. LEDs used in this system are required, firstly, to have a high speed response and secondly, high power. The LN850-xxUS series has been designed and developed to meet these demands. Here S stands for speed.  
IrDA system is a module which emits and receives signals optically without wiring. The Infrared module proposed by LTEL in Japan is one method of wireless IR data communication with PCs  based on the light scattering method. 
Optical LAN
05 type IR LEDs with its wide viewing half angle of 60 can widely diffuse IR radiation enabling wireless data transmission over relatively long distances, within a room such as a school PC class, for example, a building or between buildings. Such IR LAN is a good alternative to wireless radio method. 


Fiber Optic Sensor and Measurement

Emitter into fibre
LN870-05UP is intended for use in fibre optics. It has a flat top designed to be easily handled with reduced loss when the LED is connected to the fibre cable.


Measurement for optical sensor
The specified wavelengths are designed to focus on the objects such as blood or autron of a human to monitor one's health condition. Epitex has been involved in supplying multi-chip devices with wide wavelength range from 430 to 975nm. 

NIR devices of 1300 and 1450nm are manufactured. A pair of IR and PD is generally installed in the various kinds of equipment used to check the bill, position sensor in film-developing machine and measure water content, for example.

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