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Epitex Inc is a leading Japanese producer of Visible and Infrared LEDs, optical sensors and other optoelectronic devices

Standard and custom made products
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Activities Technology/R&D Originality Competitiveness
History Facilities Org chart Quality assurance
Research, development and production of Opto-sensor and Custom LED
Sales worldwide of semiconductor material and LED
Sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (III/V and II/VI)
1989   Research & development of LEDs was started at Hirakta-city, Osaka
1990 SiC Blue LED was successful in research and development
1991   High power IR LED commenced production
1992   Visible sensor of GaAlAs current-confined type was developed
1993   Full colour (RGB) dot-matrix display commenced production
1993 1.3m InP-LED commenced mass production
1993 Ultra-bright Red LED started mass production
1994 Sensor-use LED lamp started production on an automatic assembly line
1994 1.3m InGaAs Photodiode was successful in development
1997   High speed and High power IR LED was developed
1998   Bicolour LED started production
1998 Chip LED of SMD type started production
1999 Multi-wavelength LED including 975nm for medical use started production
1999 Top flat type of mold LED started production
1999 CCD chip process was renewed successfully
2000 New type of SMD in plastic package started production
State-of-the art LPE mass-production
  -   Original design equipment
High R&D capability in opto-sensors and custom LED
  -     Development and innovation
Additional R&D facility and equipment for optoelectronic devices
A leader in both production and R&D
  -      Over 30 years experience of related technology in III-V semiconductors 
Original design equipment
  -   High quality GaAlAs (DDH) epitaxial growth
Sophisticated chip process
First to achieve mass production capability in GaAlAs (DDH) chip
Improved radiant intensity of GaAlAs (DDH) LED lamp with revolutionary new technology
  -      Intensity is improved by precision assembly technology
Advanced mass production reduces production cost
  -   Multi-wafer epitaxy capability for GaAlAs (DDH)
Experienced engineering for best customer support
  -     Ability to 'work with customer' for product innovation and new applications
Geared for expansion to meet rising demand
Technical collaboration with leading edge customers
Production Line (Epitaxial growth)
  -   LPE epitaxial growth equipment
  -   Evaporator
  -   Electron beam evaporator
  -     Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition equipment
  -     Radio frequency source
  -     Thermal treatment furnace
Assembly Line (Chip process, resin molding)
  -      Fully automatic die bonder
  -      Fully automatic wire bonder
  -      Manual wire bonder
  -      Automatic epoxy dispenser
  -      Ovens
  -      Photoluminescence
  -      Ellipsometer
  -      Surface step measuring machine
  -      Carrier concentration profiler
  -      Curve tracer
   -      Automatic wafer probing machine
Quality Control
  -      Optical spectrum analyzer
  -      Metal microscope
  -      Microscope
  -      High speed digitizing oscilloscope
  -      Pulse/Function generator
  -      Curve tracer
  -      LED Chip sorter
  -      LED Lamp sorter
  -      Powermeter (with integrating sphere)
  -      Photometer (brightness measurement)
  -      RO method-ultra pure water supplier
  -      Oil-free rotary compressor
  -      Hydrogen gas purifier
  -   Nitrogen gas purifier
 Quality assurance
LED Epi-wafer
  -   10 points in every epi-batch are sampled and measured for wavelength and radiant intensity
  -   Film thickness of each layer is controlled
  -   Carrier concentration measured
LED die
  -      10 points in each wafer are sampled and measured for Vf, Po (mW), Ie (mW/sr), Iv (mA), tr/tf (nsec), and Vfp-Ifp
LED lamp
  -      All LED lamps in lead frame are checked on Vf, Ir, Thyrister, and appearance
  -      Each LED lamp is sorted into radiant intensity (mW) levels which are confirmed with regard to Vf, Po(mW), Ie(mW/sr) or I (mcd), lambda p, delta lambda, tr/tf, and Vf-Ifp
  -      25 pieces are sampled and aged to check and confirm changing in chip process and assembling process under DC (If=50mA) at 80C for being fed-back for each area


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