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Epitex: IR, Visible LEDs and photodetectors

Infrared and NIR LEDs
Visible LEDs
Multi-wavelength LEDs
photodiodes and phototransistors
SMD - surface mount device
CCD - current confined device

  Epitex Inc., Japan
Optical Coatings Japan 

Welcome to the TMAE World Wide Web site!

We supply thin-film coated optical components, LEDs, IREDs,
photodiodes and other optoelectronic devices produced by leading Japanese manufacturers.  

Services world-wide range from custom design to mass production, optoelectronics line of products can also be offered 'off-the-shelf'. We can supply small lot, small piece, custom-made products as well as volume quantities. 

Our products find applications in a broad variety of market fields such as fibreoptic and data communications, industrial, scientific, measurement, astronomy, aero-space, military, medical, automotive, transport, office automation, entertainment, consumer electronics and others.

We invite you to take a closer look at the  Optical Coatings Japan if you are interested in high performance thin-film optics, and to meet  Epitex Inc.  online if you are looking for Light and Infrared Emitting Diodes or Photodetectors and modules and assemblies thereof.


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WDM filters for optical communications
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Optical Coatings Japan