L970-xx      Infrared LED Lamp
This series of L970-xx is a GaAs LED mounted on a lead frame and encapsulated in various types of epoxy lens which offer different design settings. On forward bias it emits a high power radiation of typical 8mW with a peak wavelength of 970nm.
Product Specification
Chip Material GaAs 
Peak Wavelength 970nm typ.
Package Clear epoxy resin
Lead Frame Soldered
Maximum Specification
Item Max   Ambient Temp.
Power dissipation, PD   140 mW Ta=25C
Forward current , I 100 mA Ta=25C
Pulse Forward current IFP  1 A Ta=25C
Reverse voltage, V 5 V Ta=25C
Operation temp., Topr  -30/+85 C
Storage temp. , Tstg   -30/+100 C
Solder temp., Tsol   260 C
Electro-Optical Characteristics  
Item Condition Min Standard Max
Forward voltage, VF IF =50mA 1.30 V  1.45 V
Reverse current , IR VR =5V   10 A  
Total radiated power, PO IF =50mA  4.0 mW 8.0 mW  
Peak wavelength, lp IF =50mA 960 nm  970 nm  980 nm 
Half-Width, l   IF =50mA 55 nm
Rise-time tR IF =50mA 1 s
Fall-time tF IF =50mA 0.5 s
Radiant Intensity Characteristics
Part no. Viewing Half Angle Radiance  (IF=50mA)   Dimension 
L970-01   10   13 mW/sr 5 mm Fig. no.1
L970-02   5   16 mW/sr 5 mm Fig. no.2
L970-03 15   11 mW/sr 5 mm Fig. no.3
L970-04   20     5 mW/sr  5 mm Fig. no.4
L970-05   40        mW/sr 5 mm Fig. no.5
L970-06 7   20 mW/sr 5 mm Fig. no.6
L970-09   25 (short axes)     8 mW/sr  5 mm Fig. no.7
15 (long axes)
L970-33   15     5 mW/sr  3 mm Fig. no.9
L970-36 30     25 mW/sr 3 mm Fig. no.10
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