L645-xxV      Red LED Lamp
This series of L645V is a InGaAlP LED mounted on a lead frame with clear epoxy lens. On forward bias it emits a spectrally narrow band of visible light which peaks at 645nm.
Product Specification
Chip Material InGaAlP/GaAs
Peak Wavelength 645m typ.
Package Clear epoxy resin
Lead Frame Soldered
Maximum Specification
Item Max   Ambient Temp.
Power dissipation, PD   120 mW Ta=25C
Forward current , I 50 mA Ta=25C
Reverse voltage, V 5 V Ta=25C
Operation temp., Topr  -30/+85  C
Storage temp. , Tstg   -30/+100 C
Solder temp., Tsol   260 C
Electro-Optical Characteristics  
Item Condition Min Standard Max
Forward voltage, VF IF =20mA 2.2 2.4 V
Reverse current , IR VR =5V   10 A  
Total radiated power, PO IF =20mA 2.5 mW  
Peak wavelength, lp IF =20mA 635 nm  645 nm  655 nm 
Half-Width, Dl   IF =20mA 20 nm
Luminescence Characteristics
Part no. Viewing Half Angle Luminescence (IF=20mA)   Dimension 
L645-01V   9   2000 mcd 5 mm Fig. no.1
L645-02V   3   3000 mcd 5 mm Fig. no.2
L645-03V 12   1500 mcd 5 mm Fig. no.3
L645-04V   15     600 mcd  5 mm Fig. no.4
L645-05V   30     100 mcd  5 mm Fig. no.5
L645-06V 3   5000 mcd 5 mm Fig. no.6
L645-09V   25 (long axis)     600 mcd  

5 mm Fig. no.7

15 (short axis) (oval)  
L645-33V   16     800 mcd  3 mm Fig. no.9
L645-36V 40       250 mcd 3 mm Fig. no.10
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