L850-PD010-D51   Metal Can Sealed PD-monitoring High Power IR LED

L850-PD010-D51 is a GaAlAs LED and Si-PD mounted on TO-18 stem hermetically sealed with a glass-flat can and is designed to monitor light through detector for controlling its own output power.
Product Specification
Chip Material GaAlAs (DDH); Si (PIN)
Peak Wavelength 850nm typ.
   Type TO-18 stem
   Lens Flat glass
   Can Ni plated
Maximum Specification
Item Max   Ambient Temp.
Power dissipation, PD   160 mW Ta=25C
Forward current , I 100 mA Ta=25C
Pulse Forward current IFP  1 A Ta=25C
Reverse voltage, V 5 V Ta=25C
PD - Reverse Voltage VR 100 V
Operation temp., Topr  -30/+85 C
Storage temp. , Tstg   -30/+100 C
Solder temp., Tsol   260 C
Electro-Optical Characteristics  
Item Condition Min Standard Max
Forward voltage, VF IF =50mA 1.5 1.7 V
Reverse current , IR VR =5V   10 A  
Total radiated power, PO IF =50mA 3.0 mW   6.0 mW  
Radiant Intensity, IE IF =50mA 2.5 nW/sr 5.0 mW/sr
Peak wavelength, lp IF =50mA 830 nm  850 nm  870nm 
Half-Width, l   IF =50mA 35 nm
Viewing Half-Angle IF =50mA 55 deg.
Rise-time tR IF =50mA 60 nsec
Fall-time tF IF =50mA 40 nsec
PD - Output current, IL VR =0V 130 A 270 A
PD - Dark current, ID VR =10V 10 nA
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