AR880-20      20-element Infrared LED chip
Product Specification
Product 20-element IR LED array
Part no.  AR880-20
Chip Material AlGaAs/GaAS
Peak Wavelength 880nm typ.
Emitting area 320x420 m as photomask
Element dimension 381x508 m as photomask
Chip dimension 7620x508 m as photomask
No. of elements 20 elements/chip
Pad metal and dimension
 - front side (pad) cathode gold 127 m sq. as photomask
 - back side (die) anode gold
Maximum Specification
Item Max   Ambient Temp.
Power dissipation per segment, PD   170 mW Ta=25C
Forward current per segment, I 125 mA Ta=25C
Reverse voltage per segment, V 5 V Ta=25C
Operation temp., Topr  -30/+60 C
Storage temp. , Tstg   -55/+90 C
Electro-Optical Characteristics  
Item Condition Min Standard Max
Forward voltage per segment, VF IF =100mA 1.60 V  1.80 V
Reverse current , IR VR =5V   10 A  
Leakage current per segment, IL 10 A
Output power per segment, PO IF =100mA 5.0 mW 8.0 mW  
Peak wavelength, lp IF =100mA 870 nm  880 nm  895 nm 
Half-Width, l   IF =100mA 80 nm
* output power of each LED is +/-30% of array output average
  output power of element is calibrated by Photodine #500
 Outline drawing
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